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Welcome to Bar Business Brokers

Types of bars • Neighborhood bars • Sports bars • Brewpub • Beer bar/cocktail lounge • Nightclub • Adult club/nightclub

Disadvantages of bar ownership

  • Unable to avoid the numerous distractions and temptations inherent in the business. Owner must be compatible with the customer base, if the owner doesn’t like or respect the customers, results will be disastrous.
  • It is very hard to alter the clientele. A new owner may have this as part of the plan going forward, to increase cash flow. This is where the urban revitalization plans in place in certain cities can be a new owner’s best friend.
  • Long hours, employees, insurance costs.
  • Employee theft, inventory control is sometimes an issue. Easy to get burnt out in this business.
  • Long hours, large cash business, high potential for theft, and any misconduct on the part of the owners or patrons could put the liquor license in jeopardy immediately.
  • Major chains and large players taking the market share from smaller bars.
  • It is a very complex type of business to sell with all the licensing, taxes, being a cash business. Banks don’t like to get involved in these transactions. It can be difficult to get a complete picture of the business.
  • Did I mention long hours?

Advantages of Bar Ownership

  • The bar business is in an industry that thrives in good times and bad times.
  • Great business for a person with a social personality and good business acumen.
  • Excellent cash flow if run right, and the buyer is hands on or has a key employee that is well versed in this type of business. It is a very unique business.
  • It is definitely a people business.
  • Cash business with high profit margin, low cost of help due to tips and limited product line.
  • Great cash flow with good profit margins.

Pricing a Bar

Main variable is the fair market value of the liquor permit, as some areas have a high number of available permits which results in the permit having no or limited additional value, while in other areas limited number of available permits may cause the permit to have a substantial value. One will need to research type of permit and its availability and if in fact a market exists for the permit itself. I have seen liquor permits being sold for as high as $150,000, which obviously impacts the value of the business.

Value of a Bar

Location, lease and liquor license dictate the value of a bar. The concept is usually changed with a new buyer, and a significant investment is made to improve the premises.